Ugly Up is a website designed to showcase the work done for my digital creative writing class.

My name is Rachel Washburg and I am a creative writer studying at George Mason University. In the Spring of 2019, I took a digital creative writing class. For my final project I had to make a neocities website that contained all of my writing and showcased the skills and the techniques in coding and programing I'd learned throughout the semester.

The title "Ugly Up" came from the first class. There is a website entitled Language is a Virus. There is a phrase generator that I was messing around with for inspiration. I put in that I only wanted two words and the first phrase to come out of it was Ugly Up.

Life is ugly and that's not a bad thing. Ugly is not an insult it is a description, it's an adjective. Clothes can be ugly. Haircuts can be ugly. Not garing if someone else find something ugly is confidence. Embracing weird fashion, or bad coloring, or crappy poetry, or anything that isn't perfect or pretty is embracing ugly. Ugly up!